Slow Roasted Tomatoes With Thyme and Garlic

If I had a Top 5 list of foods that I enjoy making and eating, slow roasted tomatoes would definitely be on it. The smell of thyme and tomatoes drifting from room to room for hours - it's summertime magic. So far this year, I've roasted Cherokee, beef, cherry, and Sun Gold and used them for everything from pizza toppings to sauce and avocado toast.

This recipe isn't complicated but since I plan to reference slow roasted tomatoes in the future, it seemed time to devote a post to my wrinkly favorites.

Squash Blossom, Cherry Tomato, Zucchini, and Fried Egg Pizza

Earlier this week, Rob and I stopped by Gjelina Take Away and had the breakfast pizza you see above. It was so well balanced. The cherry tomatoes, squash blossoms, and zucchini were bright and fresh while the crust was airy and perfectly charred. The kicker though was the caciocavallo cheese. It had a mild flavor that brought everything together without dominating - a diplomat in the ingredient world. Put an egg on it and you have a summer breakfast pizza that I'd like another slice of.

Since caciocavallo is new to me, I did some Googling and have included what I learned below along with the "Ingredient Inspiration" rundown. The more I read, the more interesting it got. So, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some dairy knowledge.

I eat out frequently and plan to use these flavor inspiration posts to share any particularly delicious combinations that I come across as well as relevant useless facts. 

How to Make Butter Mochi

I stopped into Gjusta several weeks back and ended up buying a piece of butter mochi garnished with pomelo. I had no idea what butter mochi was, but the friendly girl behind the counter told me she "loved it!" so I was sold. When it comes to baked goods, I'll put just about anything in my face.

I got into the car and pushed my new discovery under Rob's nose with an enthusiastic "butter mochi!" I confessed to having no clue what the cake was but felt that we should try it. "It's like those mochi ice cream treats you get at sushi restaurants," I said, "but it's a...pastry?" Good guess, but incorrect. The cake was spongy and slightly dense as I split it, and we both agreed that it was interesting and pretty good. The texture was definitely the most curious part. 

Once we got home, I asked The Google, "What is butter mochi?", "How do I make butter mochi?", and while we're at it, "What is mochi?" Always a 3-year-old when it comes to food. Speaking of 3-year-olds, this recipe would be great to make with kids since there isn't anything tricky about the technique or equipment.