• Bowl of smoky turkey chili garnished with cheese, avocado, and red onion.

    One-pot Smoky Turkey Chili

    There are a number of reasons why I like this turkey chili recipe. It freezes beautifully, can be made ahead (even tastes better the next day), is relatively healthy, and easily serves a crowd. Since it's one of the first dishes I cooked regularly, the ratios and ingredients have gone through several adjustments over the years.

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  • Roasted Brussels sprouts on a pan.

    How to Buy, Cook, and Reduce the Bitterness of Brussels Sprouts

    I prefer the flavor of roasted or fried Brussels sprouts over braised since the former is firm, caramelized, and nutty rather than bitter. I decided to ask The Google if there was some food science behind my preference. As it turns out, human genetics, crop breeding, and cooking technique all play a role in our palate's response to Brussels sprouts.

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  • Loaf of naturally leavened sourdough bread.

    How to Make and Maintain a Sourdough Starter (aka Levain)

    I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way I discovered and fixated on baking bread. Specifically, I'm referring to bread made in its purest form using only flour, water, and salt. I never cease to be in awe of how three humble ingredients can transform into one of the most delicious and comforting foods.

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  • Margarita over ice with a lime garnish.

    Margarita Recipe from Scratch

    This has been my go-to margarita recipe ever since I scribbled it down on the cooking notes for my Nachos. The flavors are well-balanced with just a hint of sweetness from the orange juice and agave.

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  • Loaf of Tartine Bakery's pumpkin tea cake.

    Tartine Bakery's Pumpkin Tea Cake

    I was in San Francisco a month ago and decided to stop by the famed Tartine Bakery for breakfast. The next day, I went back for lunch and bought one of every small pastry in the case (for scientific research).

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